Tony Burtt

5 out of 5 Stars

Let me start by saying very seldom does a company stand behind there product... Especially high end expensive nitch products. That is not the case at soundz, I purchased system in daytona 2017, and I didn't like the easy they sounded, it was just a preference not anything wrong with install. So I came to myrtle 25 minutes ago and they listened to my bike and didn't even offer an opinion on whether it was a defective speaker or something wrong. I like that they didn't say it sounds fine go away. They immediately and I mean within seconds pulled my bike in and see currently taking everything out and putting all new in,, upgraded to their new speaker and amp. Kdog has been awesome, I never write reviews but I am overly impressed. If you are thinking is radio upgrades be sure to give them an open minded try, you won't be disappointed. My bike is important to me and when I go there I feel like I am there only customer. Its a great feeling, thank you soundz. I can't wait to hear new system. Btw they have assured me if this doesn't make me happy they wont stop until I am satisfied, can't ask for more than that.... #theycare # awesomecustomeeservice

Michael Costello

5 out of 5 Stars

I had a stereo system put on my bike at a local shop. The wiring was really bad. I'm glad I stopped into your setup. They got rid of the hack wiring and rewired the whole setup. It sounds better than before. These are great people that do a great job. Thanks guys.

Tom Cassano

5 out of 5 Stars

Level 4 system installed last year, phenomenal system. Couldn't ask for anything louder or clearer. Customer service was excellent. Even had an issue recently with two speakers. Was given an immediate response back. The problem was resolved on the spot and new speakers sent out to replace the old. Couldn't ask for a better product and company to deal with when it comes to motorcycle audio

Tom Flores

5 out of 5 Stars

I just had a 600 watt amp and 4 speakers installed to my Street Glide oh my gosh oh my gosh this sound is absolutely incredible they did a great job there was no BS Sue and the installation guys were absolutely again remarkable I love what they did to my bike for what I paid as well worth it I'm definitely here but my wife tells me you can definitely hear that bike rolling down the street they definitely get 5 stars I would highly highly recommend anyone wanting any amp and speakers do it through these guys again they're awesome

Mike T. Treaster

5 out of 5 Stars

After doing my research many many years ago i decided to choose your company for my audio needs, and now its been so good to my ears since. Now with all the new designs and modernization with styles and sound it was time to upgrade again. There was no doubt in my mind who I was using because of the quality workmanship and devotion to the industry like yours. Never have i seen someone so dedicated to their field and customers like you are.

Max Seabrook Astor

5 out of 5 Stars

Three weeks before MB Bike Rally, 2016, I bought a brand new Road Glide Ultra CVO. A local sound shop here in Charlotte has won a bunch of awards for both auto and cycle sound systems. I went there and had them put in a system. Big mistake. They are great with older bikes and traditional sound systems, not the new HD stuff with the head unit and flashing. I was pretty upset, the system sounded like crap. After at least two weeks of them working on the bike and me going back and forth to the HD stealership flashing the damn thing (six times) - I left for the rally with an embarrassing sounding system. At the 2016 MB Bike Rally, I ran into Soundz and they told me what to do (flash). Just free advice. Nice of them. That got me sound that was decent, basically back to factory sound......... Unfortunately, they were slammed and could not take a look at my bike. I waited one year!!! It was a painful year. Once I got down at the 2017 MB Bike Rally I took my bike and had them install dual 600 amps and a 8 speaker system, they also pre-wired the bags for 6x9's (next year). The new lower fairing pods (that they developed) are awesome, perfect fit and look. On top of that, the installers took their time and fixed the hack job that the previous installation left. It was a mess and they were laughing, I was in shear shock and wanted to cry. They told me not to sweat it and they see it all the time. 10 hours later, I had my bike back together and it rocks. The price was $4k. Yes it is expensive, but it is done right, so I do not care. The sound is amazing, I have bass. Rarely do I have to turn the volume above six. I cannot say enough about these guys, check out their reviews on HDForums dot com, or inbox me with any specific questions..........

Ed Vallejo

5 out of 5 Stars

Amazing customer service!!! My sound system stopped working, no sound would come out. Referred me to a local dealer who did a great job and was able to diagnose the issue. Determined it was a bad amp. Soundz guys were able to order and replace the whole thing under warranty and did this from the road while traveling. Did not charge me a dime. My system sounds great once again. Thank you so much to everyone involved. I will deffintly be going back to you guys.

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